What is a pink price tag

Title: What is a pink price tag?

Many have not noticed the pink price tag or even the pink tag placed together with items sold in the markets or pasted on the walls of supermarkets during the festive season. 聽In other words, any business premises are obliged to place this pink price tag for certain periods during the Maximum Price Control Scheme during the festive seasons in the country. The pink tag must be displayed by traders in line with the flyers supplied by KPDNHEP to the traders.

There are several celebrations celebrated by the people of this country such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas Day where selected items will be sold at the control price for a set period of time. 聽Items sold and price-controlled during this festive season will be marked with a pink price tag. 聽Consumers should be aware of this as it is implemented for consumers to get the price of goods under control and affordability. Any increase in the price of goods that exceeds the price directed by KPDNHEP can be acted upon under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011.

Whether the offence does not have a pink price tag or the price is too high by the trader, it will cause the offence to be compounded at that time or if the offence is more severe, KPDNHEP will take action under profiteering where the case will be brought to court for prosecution.

The authorities have taken the best measures to curb the rampant increase in prices of goods for selected goods which are very high in demand during the festive season. If the item is not listed as a festive season control item, it will be sold at normal market price.

However, KPDNHEP is still concerned about the plight of these traders in continuing their lives due to the Covid19 pandemic by taking prudent and caring actions to safeguard the rights of consumers as well as to assist traders to understand the provisions of the laws enforced in the country. Enforcement that is more about educating than punishing is a practice if it is necessary to exercise discretion but there is no compromise in the event of repeated and serious offences.

This pink price tag is a practice that has been done for many years to defend the rights and welfare of consumers in this country. During the festive season celebrated by various races and religions, the price of these items will be in high demand from consumers and in order to avoid unreasonable price increases, the festive season maximum price control scheme was introduced. It will cover a certain period of time during the festival which is before the festival and after the festival where traders must follow the enforcement instructions for the price of goods that have been listed as controlled goods. Any non-compliance with the directives that have been issued, they can be acted upon under the laws that have been enforced.

However, the cases regarding the pink price tag are still happening and KPDNHEP expects consumers to be wiser and in the event of price increases for goods marked as controlled goods during the festive season, immediately channel complaints and thus their rights as consumers are maintained and defended.

It should be noted that, consumers have great purchasing power to educate a handful of traders who are still stubborn and do not want to follow the instructions that the government has issued to them. Your money is yours, if the consumer is equally united not to buy with traders who do not follow the rules, sooner or later, the trader will have difficulty doing business if not the buyer comes to buy. Indirectly, they had to get along with the instructions and at the same time comply with the prices that had been directed for sale.

In certain circumstances where the pink price tag cannot be seen between the goods sold, the consumer may make inquiries with the owner of the premises if the goods sold have been identified as controlled goods, e.g. chicken, meat, cabbage, tomatoes and others according to the scheduled celebrations.


The pink price tag is important during the celebrations celebrated at certain times in the country. All races and religions have their own celebrations and the government has provided the best platform to help consumers get a price-controlled food supply without burdening consumers. Enforcement is always carried out at all premises throughout the country to monitor illegal activities during the festive period celebrated by its adherents.

KPDNHEP which is the ministry responsible for this matter always makes promotions either through social media or through the announcement of pamphlets to traders and premises owners throughout the country to always comply with the instructions and regulations set. If it remains stubborn then enforcement action will be taken immediately without compromise.









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