Make sure the scales have a verification sticker

Title : Make sure the scales have a verification sticker

Have you ever been to the market and seen the items to be bought, weighed by the merchant before they are sold to you? Have you noticed a sticker that is available on every scale used by traders who do business? If you have not noticed, then please start to identify the stickers that are green or blue in the form of rectangles that are attached to the conspicuous part of the scales used. These stickers are important because they provide information about the status of the scales to users like you. It indicates that the scales have been sent to Metrology Corporation Malaysia (MCM) for verification or re-verification purposes 聽for commercial purposes.

Who is this MCM? MCM is a service provider for the verification of weighing devices in Malaysia as SIRIM functions when compared. Without a sticker issued by MCM, any transaction carried out by a trader is an offence under the Act enforced by the government.

Many of us are still ignorant of the laws found in the Weights and Measures Act 1972. This law is enforced by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) to take action against traders who fail to verify their scales used for commercial purposes or do not use verified weighing tools.

For your information, the weighing device must be re-verified after a period of 12 months according to the act provided and is an offence that can be compounded if traders fail to perform this routine. If you see an expired sticker on any of the scales used, you can channel your complaint to KPDNHEP immediately to prevent other users from being fooled by the imperfect weighing device.

Referring to the report in the deed that is authorized to list approximately 20 types of weighing equipment that must be decided before it can be used for trading purposes such as liquor sports equipment (Jigger), linear sports equipment, gold weighing equipment, water dispenser machine, axle weighing tool, parking meter, sequence center sports tool and NGV pump.

Manipulation of weighing tools

Unverified or expired scales by the date displayed on the sticker will result in inconsistent and accurate scales. If this happens, this imperfect weighing will give the result of inaccurate weighing on the weighed goods. Users will suffer losses if the scales are wrong and the price is charged incorrectly with the proper scales. In this way, the trader will profit on the wrong scales during the time he uses the relevant weighing tools for trading purposes.

Consumers should be aware and take proactive measures to help the government to address the problem of fraud in the country. Only in this way can consumers avoid the wrong measure of goods when purchasing the necessary items, whether it is wet or dry goods. 聽At the same time, consumers can create safe conditions to conduct transactions with traders in case these irregularities can be contained and dealt with together.

Case action

KPDNHEP stated that there are still many weighing devices that are feared to have no verification stickers in business in Malaysia. According to statistics by MCM, an average of nearly 400,000 scales get verification each year (reported in 2017 & 2018) and the number is decreasing year by year resulting in case action having to be taken to curb the use of unverified scales. For example, only 100g alone is inaccurate, traders can get double the profit.

KPDNHEP has taken action on average of 3000 cases per year involving offences under the Weights and Measures Act 1972 for the whole country. Most of the offences are taken under Section 14 (6) of the ATS 1972 where the offence is the use of expired weighing tools for trading purposes.


As a smart consumer, all of you should play your best role in helping the government to address this problem. You have the right to know the status of the scales used either within the period of use or have expired as stated on the MCM sticker pasted on the scales/ measuring devices. You can choose whether to report the matter for the purpose of action by the regulator or you can choose not to do business with dishonest traders and try to take advantage of users like you.

The government is always aware and proactive in addressing this problem as consumers need to be protected and their rights need to be taken care of at all times while conducting trade deals in Malaysia.

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