Is the price not the same when buying an item? Please read these TIPS

Title : Is the price not the same when buying an item? Please read these TIPS.

We are all consumers and at least once a month we go to a grocery store or a hypermarket to get food supplies and basic necessities. We’ll buy rice, cooking oil, soap, wheat flour, shampoo, milk, eggs and more. At that time, we will bring all the family members to get the items and the items needed by the participating family members. It is only now that family activities are prohibited due to environmental factors and unsafe atmosphere for all of us. Yes, Covid19 is a threat and the obvious downside is that we cannot afford to see this invisible enemy.

Due to this, many of the family heads had to be rescuers to other family members to get the necessary items by going alone and perhaps first getting into the supermarket if previously more time spent in the waiting car. 聽At the moment everyone will see more men getting into the supermarket than women for the purpose of shopping for essentials. Surely everyone will hold a mobile phone to get information about the items to be purchased with the full guidance of family members at home.

Do you remember when you made a payment at the accountable payment to pay the price of the purchased item, which is not the same price as the price tagged in the line. Have you ever or not blocked the cashier from continuing to scan your other items because you realize that prices vary? The probability is that consumers are only aware of this after the payment has been made and 聽the consumer has already exited the supermarket or store. You decide not to take any action because you feel that it is a trivial matter and you are not aware of the provisions of the law in force.

If this happens to you, there are actually legal provisions that can be used to claim your rights as a consumer. This is enshrined in the law under KPDNHEP which is the Consumer Protection Act 1999. Did you know that you can buy items that have different prices at that time by paying the lowest price between the two. If the selling party refuses, you can make a complaint to KPDNHEP for further action.


First of all, you should go back to the shelves of goods and take photos of the goods at the price displayed on the shelves. Then you return to the payment counter and take a photo of the price of the receipt issued by the cashier. Finally, submit to the supermarket or shop to claim your right to purchase the item at the cheapest price between them. Your rights need to be upheld and the law needs to be enforced.

Case action

KPDNHEP has taken action against traders who deliberately mis-recorded different prices in order to profit illegally. They believe that most consumers rarely check or revise the bills of purchase of goods and may also be embarrassed or unconcerned when the different prices involve a small amount or do not affect the consumer. Sometimes users do not know that these small mistakes contribute to a huge profit to the trader. Consumers will feel cheated by this tactic and eventually the trader escapes enforcement action by the authorities.

Most of the common reasons submitted to KPDNHEP by traders who have committed offences are overlooked, inadequate workers and failure to update prices on the shelves and in the system due to time constraints. Whatever the reason, KPDNHEP has never compromised to protect the rights of consumers in this country. The next action is a compound on traders who have been proven 聽to have committed offences under the offence in question.


As a consumer in Malaysia, KPDNHEP as the ministry that enforces the laws related to consumers, the Consumer Protection Act 1999 tries to safeguard and protect the interests and rights of consumers in the country. Every provision of the law enacted is to educate traders and create a safe trading environment and not manipulated by certain parties. 聽Enforcement actions are carried out relentlessly and proactively. Traders who are proven to have committed wrongdoing will be taken into action. In the event of repeated offenses, tougher penalties await those traders.

However, KPDNHEP looks forward to the support and assistance from consumers as well as to channel any complaints and suggestions to strengthen the existing laws. Channels for making complaints have also been diversified for convenience and to encourage users to deal with KPDNHEP.

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