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Luno E-Wallet : A Review

My first investment in crypto was made on October 27, 2017 for BTC (Bitcoin) worth RM10 (0.00038897). Four days later I made another investment on October 30, 2017 worth RM10 (0.00034028). My third investment worth RM500 for BTC 0.01560609 on November 3, 2017 and so on and so on. Deposit, withdraw, deposit and withdraw when the time is perfect.

I have been using LUNO for the past 5++ years. Its an extraordinary journey because of the rapid rise of the BTC price over the years. Ups and Downs along the way and I manage to make some side income money for keeping BTC and sell it to get handsome rewards.

For those that trying to buy BTC and do not know how to do it, then I suggest you use LUNO WALLET to get started with. You may/can add my invitation code so that you and me could get a rewards from LUNO. Both of us could receive a MYR25.00 IN FREE BTC. MY CODE IS X4US9.

For your information, LUNO offers 5 crypto :

In LUNO we can execute buy, sell, send and receive accordingly.

Just ensure for send and receive transaction, you have enter the right address for the sender or receiver.

If you decided to buy or sell, you can click/select the 3 dot on the upper-right conner of your screen. Then you need to choose Exchange and conduct your transaction there. Other option was to execute it right on your selected crypto page. For example, BTC page, you can scroll down and LUNO will give an option for you to choose from.

The Explore icon at the bottom of the screen is where all the news about the crypto listed. You can read and get the relevant information regarding crypto in this section.

In your wallet icon you can see all the value of crypto you own in your LUNO account.

Finally the profile is where all your registered information was listed. You can always edit and added security to you account.

Like I said earlier in the text, we both can get a reward if you use my invitation code. MY CODE IS X4US9.

Thank you for your time.


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