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Formulated with collagen has been hydrolyzed, acerola cherry, tomato extract and pine bark that has various properties, Pearl White White Smooth Herbal Metropolitan output is effective to brighten and firming the skin. It is free of fat and carbohydrates and rich in Vitamin C.
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• Slow the aging process and rejuvenate the skin
• Brighten the skin
• passionate and firming the skin
• Healthy skin again
• Smooth the skin
• Refreshes skin
• Protects skin from ultraviolet radiation


• Hydrolyzed Collagen: Hydrolyzed collagen, also known under the name gelatin contains an amino acid that can build and maintain healthy tissue, as antioxidants, protein balance in the body, moisturize and smooth the skin.
• Glutawhite: An amino acid that is also called Medi serves as an anti-oxidant that the most effective way to beautify the skin. It is proven to treat diseases of the skin reddish, scaly, dry, and heal the wounds of the skin. In addition, it is able to neutralize free radicals, restore damaged cells, detoxifies and also improve the performance of other antioxidants.
• Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a compound that is important for ministers and more healthy skin. It also acts as an anti-oxidant to prevent disease and reduce the effects of free radicals caused by exposure to harmful chemicals.
• Multivitamins: The combination of this mineral has many benefits for the body. According to health expert opinions, taking a multivitamin with allowable dose can help prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are used to enhance the essential nutrients in the body.
• 3X Stem-Cell: Stem Cell is functioning stem cells to form new cells continuously and replace the function of cells that have been damaged organs.
• Acerola Cherry: Also called by its scientific name, Malpighia emarginata, it is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C as well as carotenoids and bioflavonoids. These ingredients contain properties that are effective in making the skin healthier, younger and free of bacteria and diseases that damage the skin.
• Pinebark: According to research, the bark of pine trees is indeed effective for healthy skin as well as moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.
• Tomato plants that are often the ingredients in beauty products is undoubtedly capable menyihat and beautify the skin. It is proven to shrink the pores of the skin, removes blackheads, regulates oil production in the face, reduces acne growth while protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation and brighten dull skin.
• Astaxanthin: This substance is responsible for the treatment of skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, in addition to being antioxidants which can prevent the disease.
• Argan: anti-oxidant ingredients that come from the Argan tree and frequently found in Morocco is rich in vitamins and serves as a moisturizer and a cure for skin problems.
• Pearl: Pearl is an important ingredient in a cosmetic and beauty products and serve to exfoliate, moisturise and soften the skin. In addition, it serves to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, to overcome the irritation of the skin, slow the aging process and reduce wrinkles.

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